Zywave Client Portal 101 + Total Compensation Statement Builder & Salary Benchmarking Tool

July 2021


The first portion of this webinar will give a high-level overview of the new layout and functionality of Zywave’s Client Portal (formerly MyWave Connect). The second half of the webinar will provide a demonstration of the Total Compensation Statement Builder & Salary Benchmarking tool in the portal.

What is the Zywave Client Portal?

Zywave Client Portal, formerly known as MyWave Connect, is North Risk Partners’ digital resource library and online application hub for employers.

What is the Total Compensation Statement Builder?

The Total Compensation Statement Builder is a step-by-step tool that generates a total compensation statement in minutes, which, in turn, helps employers educate employees on the value of their benefits. Total compensation statements not only boost the morale of employees, but they can also be a powerful retention tool.

What is the Salary Benchmarking tool?

The Salary Benchmarking tool gives employers access to salary data on over 800 job positions and allows you to search compensation and pay structure reports either annually or by the hour.


Webinar presented by: 

Sarah Dockter
North Risk Partners