Zywave Client Portal 101 + Interview Question Builders

November 2021


The first portion of this webinar will give a high-level overview of the new layout and functionality of Zywave’s Client Portal (formerly MyWave Connect). The second half of the webinar will provide a demonstration on the Interview Question Builders.


What is the Zywave Client Portal?
Zywave Client Portal, formerly known as MyWave Connect, is North Risk Partners’ digital resource library and online application hub for employers.


What are the Interview Question Builders?
The Interview Question Builders allow you to choose from over 400 pre-developed behavioral interview questions in 49 categories to create a ready-to-use interview guide in just a few minutes. This will ensure that you are asking the right interview questions, as these are key to evaluating whether a candidate has the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary to become a successful employee.


Webinar presented by: 

Nicole Demolee
North Risk Partners