Returning to Work During COVID-19: What You Need to Consider

September 2020


Employers are continuously being faced with questions and challenges as employees are starting to return to work and businesses are adjusting to a new normal. This webinar will provide guidance on how to restart your business to avoid legal liability, weigh the pros and cons of working from home, and outline how your business can continue to move forward while the possibility of COVID-19 cases linger or spike.

What follows is a subject list of what will be covered in this webinar:

  • How you can prepare now to best protect your business from the coming onslaught of lawsuits
  • Pros and cons of continuing to work from home and what you need to do if you continue
  • Reluctant employees and high-risk employees
  • Updated OSHA and EEOC recall requirements
  • Preparing to fully return
  • A return to work plan
  • Having a strategy to move forward and deal with the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic


Webinar presented by: 
Mike Bourgon
Employment & Labor Law Attorney
Synergy Human Resources