Purpose Driven Fitness© for the Workplace

March 2016


According to the American College of Sports Medicine and countless other leading health organizations, regular physical activity and exercise is considered to be the top method of intervention for improving one’s health, as well one of the best strategies to enhance employee productivity in the workplace. But still, over 70 percent of Americans are not moving enough to maintain their present health and reap the amazing benefits.

How do we help those in the workplace move more, sit less and thrive? The latest behavioral research indicates that finding your “why” is the most powerful motivator to help you uncover your reason, your intention, your meaning and purpose for wanting to get fit and stay fit.


This presentation explores what makes “fitness” work in the workplace by uncovering:

  • The problem of inactivity in the workplace;
  • True confessions of a personal trainer;
  • Physical activity and exercise case study: What works in the workplace;
  • Purpose Driven Fitness: Finding what moves you; and
  • Tips and tools for your organization.


This webinar is presented by:

Sean Foy, MA
President & Founder
Personal Wellness Corporation

Jessie Sandoval
Worksite Wellness Consultant
JS Wellness, LLC