Online Enrollment Solutions: Private Exchange & HR Portal

June 2016


Printing and distributing bulky company materials to employees is costly and inefficient. As a result, online employee benefit platforms are on the rise, and North Risk Partners offers its clients more than one solution. This webinar will provide you with a brief demonstration of two North Risk Partners-sponsored platforms:

Enjoy both the comfort of a traditional defined coverage approach and the ease of streamlined processes using this online HR and employee benefits portal.

Bright Choices® Exchange
Let your employees shop for benefits using this private online store. You, the employer, control costs by setting a dollar amount to contribute while the employee enjoys the freedom to choose coverage that fits his or her unique insurance needs.


This webinar is presented by:

Nicole Nulton
Zywave (HRconnection®)

Kevin Holler
Liazon (Bright Choices®)


There is no recording or slides available for this webinar.