Key Elements of a Loss Control Program for Construction Employers

December 2021


What does your construction company have in place to prevent losses from occurring? If an incident would happen, what structured cost containment steps are set that allow for a uniform and consistent response each time? This webinar will help construction employers identify key loss prevention and cost containment initiatives that can be of value to your company.

This webinar will cover:

  • Benefits of a functioning loss control program for construction companies
  • The definition of loss control and cost containment for your organization
  • Key elements of a loss control and cost containment program
  • Creating a plan
  • Examples showing how your program might need to respond should you be challenged by citations, legal actions, or third-party requirements


Webinar presented by: 

Tony Kuehn CSP, OHST, ALCM
Vice President of Consulting Services
Integrated Loss Control, Inc.