Handling Employee Benefits Premium Credits: Guidance for Employers

Several benefits carriers across a number of states have announced premium credits for health or dental coverage due to COVID-19 and lower than normal claim volumes. This is mostly attributed to members either canceling or delaying services because of social distancing.Each carrier is a little different on how they are giving the credit. For some it is in the form of reduced premiums, others it is in the form of an actual credit on your bill.

How Credit Should Be Shared With Employees

It is important these credit amounts are shared with employees in a way that is similar to the current employer-employee split in the premiums. If the premiums are 100 percent employee-paid, the full credit would need to be given back to the employees in the form of reduced payroll deductions. If the premiums are split 50/50, the credit would also need to be split equally with employees and divided amongst the current population enrolled in the plan since Jan. 1, 2020.


If you need assistance in determining the appropriate percentage split or have a hybrid level-funded plan, please contact your North Risk Partners advisor. Don’t have an advisor? No problem. We’ll help you find one.

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