DOL Announces Mandatory Poster Changes

Effective August 1st, 2016, employers must post updated versions of the Federal Minimum Wage poster and the Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act poster.  For those of you in Minnesota, a new Minnesota Minimum Wage poster is also required August 1st.  Links to download these posters are below.

The DOL made these changes this past week, allowing little time for employers to comply before the August 1st deadline.

Federal Minimum Wage Poster

Several mandatory changes were made to this poster, including:

  • new information discussing the consequences of incorrectly classifying workers as independent contractors;
  • new information relating to the rights of nursing mothers;
  • updated information regarding enforcement by the DOL; and
  • revised information relating to tip credits.

Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act Poster

This poster was updated to reflect changes to the appropriate contact information for the DOL and to remove reference to the penalty amount for violation of the law.

Employers will need to update their posters.

Download the Posters

Federal Minimum Wage
Minnesota Minimum Wage
Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act

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