COVID-19 Pandemic Plan Development

July 2020


The emergence of the coronavirus has amplified the importance for businesses to prepare a pandemic plan. This webinar will explore and discuss the performance standard approach to developing a pandemic plan.

What follows is a description of what will be covered in this webinar:

  • An analysis of the four main steps any employer will need to take to minimize an occupational exposure like COVID-19
  • An examination of these four steps in the context of various organizational examples (i.e., different structures, operations, workforce size, etc.)
  • Insight on the various controls being used during this pandemic using the Hierarchy of Controls; including avoidance, engineering, substitution, and administrative and personal protective equipment (PPE)


Webinar presented by:
Tony Kuehn CSP, OHST, ALCM
Director/Consultant – Healthy and Safety Services
Integrated Loss Control, Inc.