Construction Employers: Understanding Your Experience Mod Factor & Workers’ Comp Credits

January 2024


This webinar will explore two key ways construction employers can increase their competitiveness in the industry: reducing their experience mod ratings and workers' comp costs.

This webinar will cover:

  • Experience Modification Factor (e-mod)
    • What is an e-mod?
    • What impacts an e-mod?
    • Importance of return-to-work programs
  • Minnesota Contractors Premium Adjustment Program (MSCPAP) Credit
    • What is the workers' compensation MCPAP credit?
    • Who is eligible for the MCPAP and how is it calculated?
    • How the MCPAP credit impacts your e-mod
  • Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program (UCWCP)
    • UCWCP overview
    • Program components & benefits
    • Eligibility for UCWCP membership


This webinar is presented by:

Lindsay Henningsgaard
Marketing Underwriter Specialist

Sandy Stoddard
Program Director
Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program

Jon Launstein
Risk Advisor & Partner
North Risk Partners

Charlie Raeker
Risk Advisor
North Risk Partners