Enforce Fleet Safety Procedures Before an Injury Happens

Nov. 21, 2016 – Some organizations wait until an injury has occurred before enforcing employee safety protocols around commercial vehicles and customer locations. Distributing monthly or weekly tips to your teams is a useful way to keep safety procedures top-of-mind for your employees.

Below are a few safety procedure examples your employees should be doing on a daily basis.

Around the vehicle, an employee should:

  • Have two feet on the ground at all times and use a hand to help stabilize when crouching
  • Be aware of fueling hoses
  • Take pressure off of dolly legs before cranking them up
  • Be mindful of opening and closing doors when it’s windy outside
  • Be cautious while pulling truck hoods up

At all customer locations, employees should:

  • Be watchful of uneven surfaces and drains
  • Look for slippery surfaces inside and out
  • Be aware of forklifts and other moving traffic

Consult your advisor for additional ways to reduce risk of injury in regards to your business. Don’t have an advisor? No problem. We’ll help you find one.

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