Holland & Frank Employee Benefits joins North Risk Partners – Apollo Insurance in St. Cloud;
financial services side of business remains in Waite Park

We are excited to announce, effective March 1, 2018, Holland & Frank Employee Benefits has joined St. Cloud-based North Risk Partners – Apollo Division, one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Minnesota. North Risk Partners is known in Central Minnesota for providing exceptional service and expertise to their clients, many of whom, we know, are longtime clients like ours. The North Risk team’s mission of service to their clients, each other, and their community aligns directly with what we have done at Holland & Frank for the past 32 years. Over the coming months, we look forward to sharing our new insurance and risk management capabilities with our clients. – Dennis Holland

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What has changed?
The Holland & Frank Employee Benefits team, including Denny Holland, Greg Frank, Angela Kerzman, and Heidi Peternell, has joined St. Cloud-based North Risk Partners – Apollo Division based in St. Cloud, one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the state of Minnesota.

2. Why did Holland & Frank Employee Benefits join North Risk Partners?
Joining North Risk Partners – Apollo means more coverage and service options for Holland & Frank's insurance clients, including property and casualty solutions for their business and family.

3. What additional coverages and services are available to Holland & Frank clients now because of this new partnership?

  • More business service resources, including cutting-edge online enrollment platforms for group employee benefits clients, a services hotline that links clients to local HR and safety professionals, and a variety of other educational opportunities (e.g., webinars and seminars related to HR and safety best practices, compliance, and more)
  • Dedicated home and auto insurance professionals

4. I’m an existing North Risk Partners client. How does this impact me?
The partnership will allow all lines of a client's insurance program – from property and casualty to benefits – to be serviced by one unified team. North Risk Partners’ goal is to create a more integrated experience that makes it easier for clients to manage their insurance program.

5. Is the Waite Park office closing?
No. Denny Holland and Greg Frank will continue to operate the financial services side of their business independently in their Waite Park office. Angela Kerzman will also continue part-time in the Waite Park office.

6. Is North Risk Partners offering financial services like retirement planning now?
No. Denny’s and Greg’s financial services business in Waite Park is not part of North Risk Partners – Apollo Division. Only Holland & Frank Employee Benefits has joined North Risk Partners – Apollo Division.

7. Are the Waite Park office’s financial services changing?
Denny’s and Greg’s financial services will continue to include 401(k), retirement planning, business continuation, executive benefit strategies, wealth accumulation strategies, and more. As part of North Risk Partners – Apollo Division, Holland & Frank Employee Benefits will not offer 401(k), retirement planning, or wealth accumulation strategies, however Holland & Frank’s capabilities as part of North Risk will include health and life insurance, business continuation, executive benefits strategies and additional value-added services in the areas of HR, safety, workplace wellness and more.

8. Where will the Holland & Frank Employee Benefits office be located?
Denny, Greg, and Angela will split time between North Risk Partners – Apollo’s office on 622 Roosevelt Rd. in St. Cloud and the financial services office in Waite Park. Heidi will office full-time at North Risk.

9. How do I contact Denny, Greg, Angela, or Heidi about my insurance or financial services?
Insurance clientele can reach the North Risk Partners - Holland & Frank Employee Benefits team by calling (320) 253-1122 and asking for any one of the Holland & Frank team by name. All members of the benefits team have new email addresses and direct phone numbers, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Denny, Greg, and Angela will continue to be available by phone and email at the Waite Park office. Clients calling the North Risk Partners office for financial services will be directed to contact the Waite Park office.

Contact Information

Denny Holland
(320) 258-9794

Greg Frank
(320) 258-9795

Angela Kerzman
(320) 258-9796

Heidi Peternell
(320) 258-9797