Chris Meidt presents Ben Schneider, risk advisor, with the Beloved by Account Managers Award


North Risk Partners President & CEO Chris Meidt encouraged the value of commitment in an article he wrote for the firm’s latest internal newsletter. We’ve shared the article below.


Have you ever watched a movie by yourself and laughed and laughed and laughed? It’s hard to laugh by yourself because a comedy doesn’t have the same appeal when laughing alone. Similarly, working through a painful situation without anyone to share it with can be extremely difficult.

As I observe and cheer on our teams at North Risk Partners who are trusting and serving each other so well, a commonality is becoming obvious. Those experiencing the most success (and joy) are those who are putting the most on the line, giving their gifts for free, and not measuring what they are getting in return. By fully giving, they are getting filled up with a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose, and a knowledge that they are part of something much bigger than themselves. A term that I think captures this is: #FullSend.

Dictionary.com says “If you do something full send, especially in extreme sports, you’re doing it full-throttle and with 100% commitment—even if you end up failing.”

You see, being all in, holding nothing back, launching into the fray with everything you have IS WINNING. The dictionary definition assumes you have to reach a target or it is failure. I want you to consider WINNING as a state of being—being #FullSend in all areas of your life: home, work, family, faith, physical, and mental well-being.

Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from experiencing the joy of being all in. You have a purpose in life, you have a purpose at North Risk. Give it all you have. Live #FullSend and experience
#WhatWinningLooksLike, even if everything doesn’t work out exactly like you planned. Understand the joy in journeying together, not reaching a destination alone.

Finish 2021 with a flurry and launch into 2022 #FullSend.

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Chris Meidt, President & CEO, Partner

Chris Meidt is a leadership enthusiast who through the course of his career in coaching and managing has demonstrated a purpose-driven and passionate commitment to service and performance. He treats his role in leadership as his calling in life, giving strategic vision and guidance to his team.