Understanding HSA & VEBA Advantages

September 2018


With the rising cost of health care, many employers and employees are looking for ways to reduce their exposure to the cost of premiums and related health care spending. This webinar will cover how employers and their employees can save costs by adopting a health savings account (HSA) and the options government entities have with voluntary employee beneficiary associations (VEBAs).

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to purchase $1 worth of care for $0.70
  • Best practices in the sale and use of an HSA to reduce spending
  • Why an employer should offer or select an HSA-eligible plan
  • The basics about HSAs and VEBAs, including what they are and how they operate
  • Best practices for using an HSA and VEBA, including how they can be paired

* The first hour of this webinar applies to all employers. The final 30 minutes is tailored to public entities. 


This webinar is presented by:

Marlo Peterson
Regional Sales Executive
Further (formerly SelectAccount)