FAQs: Thune’s merger with North Risk Partners

Customer Question: Will I still work with the same people at Thune?

Thune Answer: Yes, you will have the same great agent and support staff.


Customer Question: Will you be in the same location for me to stop and work with your staff?

Thune Answer: Yes, we will be in the same building we moved into in November of 2013. We chose this building to provide adequate privacy for customer meetings and safe parking.


Customer Question: What is the merger all about?

Thune Answer: It allows us to continue to grow and provide a wider array and depth of services to our customers with:

[list_item icon=”fa-chevron-right”]Access to a larger network of insurance companies: This gives us the ability to provide better customized risk management programs for our clients with unique or complex insurance needs.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-chevron-right”]Increased support capabilities: We now have access to North Risk Partners’ expert partners in the areas of human resources, loss control and wellness.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-chevron-right”]One of the largest independent, privately held insurance brokerages in Minnesota: We are proud to join the agencies of North Risk Partners, which are the best in their region from Rochester to the Twin Cities metro up to Northern Minnesota.[/list_item]


Customer Question: Will the insurance company that I have my policies with change?

Thune Answer: There will not be any changes regarding policies unless the customer requests it. ow have over twice as many companies,we will be able to provide the most competitive solutions for our customers.


Customer Question: Will Mark Thune and other executives remain with the company?

Thune Answer: Mark Thune remains the president of Thune Insurance and is a partner in the merged company. All executives will remain in their roles and actively look for solutions to better serve our customers.


Customer Question: Will Thune Insurance remain a strong supporter of the local communities and area events?

Thune Answer: Yes, our employees and executives serve on many local and national boards and committees, and volunteer for many events. We will remain  committed to the communities where we live.