Did you know that Minnesota boasts the highest ratio of boats to residents of any of the United States? And the fact that half of our state’s population consider themselves to be fishermen (or fisherwomen)? You are in good company!

We offer a wide variety of options for insuring watercraft; some boats can simply be added to the homeowners policy. Others are better off being insured on a specialty watercraft policy.

With a boat come fishing gear/tackle, trolling motors and depth finders, trailers, and watercraft sports equipment. Have you made a list of the items that you own in each of those categories?

The rods, reels and tackle are usually picked up under the homeowners policy. But that means it’s also subject to the deductible you’ve chosen on that policy. Reduce the risk of loss by keeping it secure under lock and key when possible.

The trolling motor and depth finders, as well as other boating equipment, should be listed separately. If you don’t see them listed on your quote or policy and you own these items, please ask us for rates.

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