Recreational Vehicles

Many owners of recreational vehicles make incorrect assumptions about coverage.

We’ve put together a short quiz; how well will you do answering these True or False statements?

True or False?
My snowmobile is automatically insured for damage caused by fire as long as it’s in my garage.

True or False?
My auto policy will insure my ATV while I’m towing it behind my vehicle.

True or False?
As long as I’m riding my snowmobile in ditches or a lake adjacent to my property, I have liability coverage if I injure someone.

True or False?
If a family member is hurt while riding my ATV, their medical bills will be covered under my homeowners policy.

The answer to all of the above statements is “False.” If you own any kind of recreational vehicle, you almost always need to have purchased separate coverage for any kind of injury claim, or damage to the unit itself. Whether it’s through a specialty policy or adding it onto your homeowners policy, we can help you purchase the coverages that you want, so you can enjoy it without worry!

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