Personal Liability Insurance

Insurance coverage is a large line item in each family’s budget, and no one has an unlimited amount to spend to protect themselves. We recommend that your first priority be purchasing insurance coverage for financially catastrophic claims, then use whatever money is left over to buy protection for exposures that pose less of a financial risk.

One of the most financially devastating situations you can face is being advised by a law firm that an injured party is suing you. Life is full of hazards, from your family pet protecting its turf, to an icy curve on a road, to a firearm misfiring or a guest taking a tumble. Aside from those hazards, sometimes people simply make poor judgment calls, and the result is that it has caused injury or damage to someone else. Each and every day someone receives a Summons and Complaint, and while none of us believes it will happen to us, the reality is that it could.

The more assets you have to protect, and the greater your exposure (vehicles, toys, real estate, children), the more concerned you should be about protecting yourself with liability coverage. No one knows how much is “enough”; our job is to provide you with options so you can make an informed decision and feel comfortable with both the amount of liability coverage you carry, as well as what you’re paying to have that protection.

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