Motorhome and Recreational Trailers

Hitting the road in your RV? It’s a great way to spend leisure time with family and friends, and to experience everything from state parks to cross-country trips. Most insurance companies will allow you to insure these on your regular auto policy, but you also have the option of insuring them on a specialty policy.

The personal property inside your motorhome or travel trailer is usually covered by your homeowners policy. However, with today’s higher deductibles and possible negative effects on your homeowners rates if you submit a claim, you may want to check into adding some coverage under the same policy your RV is insured on.

Have you parked your RV at the same location for the summer, or year-round? If so, you should check to see if your homeowners policy provides liability coverage should a guest be injured there. Liability (or property) coverage may not automatically extend fully if your insurance company considers that location a “seasonal residence.”

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