Classic and Collectible Car Insurance

When you’ve put your heart, time and money into your collector vehicle, you need an insurance company who sees it for what it is, and not just another old car. We represent three leaders in the industry: Hagerty, Continental Western, and Condon & Skelly; as well as Cincinnati Insurance, who will insure them with your other vehicles on a regular auto policy.

These policies have very inexpensive rates, but with those low rates come restrictions:

  • Limited annual miles (usually 2500 or less)
  • Stored in a locked garage
  • Not used to commute to work
  • Original, or restored to original

Although not every vehicle will qualify for collector coverage, if yours does, not only will you see reduced rates, but will have Agreed Value coverage in a total loss. This means that you and the insurance company have agreed ahead of time what the car is worth, so there is no worry over what you’ll be paid.

If your current policy has Stated Amount coverage, it’s not the same as Agreed Value! A Stated Amount policy will charge you premiums on the value you’ve listed on the policy, and that amount will be the most you will be paid in a total loss. However, there’s no guarantee what value the insurance company will assign to your vehicle.

Whether it’s a modern-day collector vehicle, a street rod, a classic car, or an antique tractor, we will be glad to help you get the right type of insurance on your investment!

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