Auto Insurance

Where you live, how you drive, your age, gender, marital status, your insurance score based on your credit history—all of these affect your auto premiums. Some of these things you can’t change, but others you can. Here are some ways to save money on your auto insurance.

  • Carry higher deductibles
  • Delete no-deductible glass
  • Take small deductible on your PIP (no fault) coverage
  • Take the 55 Alive or another senior driving course when you turn 55
  • Encourage young drivers to keep their grades up
  • Let us know if your job/distance to work changes
  • Delete comprehensive and collision on older vehicles when you feel comfortable doing so
  • Insure your home and auto with the same company
  • Check with us on other discounts; being a member of AARP or having small children can save you money

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