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No one expects to have an accident, but life happens. You hear a lot about saving money on car insurance, but the day you do have a claim, the premiums you paid at the last renewal are the furthest thing from your mind; you simply want to be put back to where you were. We don’t just sell auto insurance; we take the time to talk to you about what your liability limits really mean, and to give you other choices.

If your insurance company does take a double-digit rate increase, we tell you about it and work with you to find solutions that are acceptable to you; reviewing your credits, offering other deductible choices, counseling you when it might be time to remove comprehensive and collision from an aging car, and, of course, looking at other companies out there so you don’t have to. Classic car? We represent Hagerty, Condon and Skelly, and Continental Western, three of the top markets in the nation!

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