Landlord Insurance

Becoming a landlord carries with it many challenges; one of which is protecting yourself and your investment properly. Can you answer all of the following questions?

  • Does your policy respond to the broadest number of perils (things that can go wrong)? If you didn’t buy a Special Form 3 policy, you may be surprised at what claims won’t be paid under your Broad or Basic form.
  • Will your policy pay to repair or replace a detached garage, shed, fence, or other detached structure that is damaged in a covered loss?
  • Do you have Wrongful Eviction liability coverage, should a former tenant sue you?
  • Will your policy compensate you adequately for your loss of rental income, if the claim causes a rental unit to be unlivable?

We understand the unique needs that you face, and will help you review all of these issues and more.

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