Your homeowners insurance protects much more than just your home. It helps replace your possessions, from basic clothing to valuable art. It rebuilds other structures on your premises, such as a garage, shed, gazebo, or fence. It pays to temporarily put you up in a hotel room if your home is damaged and unlivable. If your dog bites someone or your gun accidentally discharges and hits someone and you’re sued, it pays for a reputable attorney to defend you.

Because a homeowners policy is one of the most complex of insurance policies (even more so than business insurance), you need an agent who takes the time to explain coverages, listen to your questions, and provide you with accurate answers. We do that.

Just like with other insurance policies, it doesn’t cover everything. Exclusions exist because some things either are not able to be covered because of their catastrophic nature (e.g., flood, war, earthquake) or because they need to be insured on a different kind of policy, such as a vehicle stored in your garage.

Some exclusions/limitations can be bought back for an additional premium, such as flood and earthquake coverage, or getting liability or physical damage coverage on recreational vehicles or boats. Please ask us about rates for these.

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