Workers’ Compensation

For any business owner, Workers’ Compensation can by quite puzzling. Who needs to be covered? Who can be excluded? Do my independent contractors qualify? Do I need a separate policy if I have workers performing duties in other states? If an injury happened in another state, does the employee get that state’s benefits or the resident state’s benefits? How does a claim affect my Experience Modification Rate? What is an Experience Modification Rate? Let our agents and service team at North Risk Partners™ guide you through the laws and regulations to make sure you have the answers and the right coverage while minimizing your costs.

Why North Risk Partners™?

  • Access to over 25 workers’ compensation markets
  • Loss Control services to assist in preventing injury
  • On-site Claims Administrator to assist you in managing claims
  • Access to safety resources and employee training tools

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Contact us today to learn more about the coverage that is required and how to protect your employees and yourself if they become injured or ill on the job.

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