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A peek into life at North Risk Partners


Article by Chris Meidt, President & CEO of North Risk Partners


Have you ever watched a movie by yourself and laughed and laughed and laughed? It's hard to laugh by yourself because a comedy doesn't have the same appeal when laughing alone. Similarly, working through a painful situation without anyone to share it with can be extremely difficult.

As I observe and cheer on our teams who are trusting and serving each other so well, a commonality is becoming obvious. Those experiencing the most success (and joy) are those who are putting the most on the line, giving their gifts for free, and not measuring what they are getting in return. By fully giving, they are getting filled up with a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose, and a knowledge that they are part of something much bigger than themselves. A term that I think captures this is: #FullSend. says “If you do something full send, especially in extreme sports, you're doing it full-throttle and with 100% commitment [...] Read more »

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North Risk Partners is #ONETEAM with #ONEMISSION of service — to our clients, to each other, and to our communities.

The following stories show our mission in action.


300+ Hours Volunteered for Outdoor Cleanup Efforts

North Risk’s #oneTEAM volunteered over 300 hours during its Summer Spruce-up Challenge. Team members weeded gardens, planted pollinators, cleaned the outdoors, and more — all in support of seniors, youth, and the environment.

An All-day Effort by our Hiawatha, Iowa, Team at Camp Courageous

North Risk’s Hiawatha, Iowa, team spent the day at nonprofit Camp Courageous moving furniture, clearing brush, mowing the lawn, and weeding the campgrounds. Camp Courageous provides year-round recreational and respite care for campers with special needs. The organization envisions a world where individuals with special needs are empowered with courage to look beyond their current capabilities and explore the world with confidence.

Hiawatha - Winning Office

Giving Love to a St. Paul Community Center's Outdoor Spaces

The Hallie Q. Brown Community Center in St. Paul, Minn., is dedicated to improving quality of life in the Twin Cities community by providing access to critical human services, fostering and promoting personal growth, and developing community leadership. A group of North Risk’s Mendota Heights office team members volunteered time spent sprucing up the center’s outdoor spaces.

Mendota Heights Team

In celebration of Customer Service Week (Oct. 4 – 8), we highlighted outstanding examples of service across our #oneTEAM. We proudly share a couple of those examples by highlighting the positive impact Stacy and Martha have had on their clients.

Stacy Leiting tp

Stacy Leiting is an employee benefits account manager in our Hiawatha, IA office.

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To: Stacy Leiting
From: Ed Graham at Digital Canal Corporation
“Stacy has been tremendous to work with! She has been kind, professional and willing to do the work to help my wife and I through a very difficult time, a heart transplant. A very significant, unexpected issue obviously. The peace of mind her efforts have provided us are incalculable. Especially through such a surprise and unforeseen challenge for us. We are blessed to have Stacy helping us.”
Martha Hoven TP

Martha Hoven is a commercial lines account manager in our Rochester, MN office.

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To: Martha Hoven
From: Randy Patterson at Paul Davis
“I would like to take this opportunity to share the excellent service we have always received from Martha. She is extremely efficient and always delivers what she says. Additionally, she is always polite and pleasant on the phone. It is a privilege to be able to work with Martha. I hope she is available at North Risk Partners for many years to come. Thank you to North Risk for having Martha!”

Part of our #oneMISSION of SERVICE is to serve one another, and we encourage each other to recognize excellence in this area through what we call our #oneTEAM recognition app on our intranet. Here are a couple highlights from submissions that came from that app. Way to go, Kristie and Kathryn!


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